About VTJ Cambodia

Our Owner

VTJ Cambodia Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Suspended Ceiling and Drywall solutions (including Suspended Ceiling Grid, Drywall frame, Gypsum Board, and Roofing sheet system) in Cambodia. We supply the world best quality product for construction material to aid the construction development in Cambodia, to improve the quality of building materials and enhance the technological application in construction. As Cambodia is rapidly growing construction has become the important part of the country development. To help with the process we are providing only the best quality of construction materials with a reliable service. We work hard to ensure that your projects or building are performing with the highest efficiency.

Our Mission

To our Customers

To our Customers

VTJ is a pioneer in providing high quality, value for money drywall & ceiling solution to our customers.

To our shareholders

To Our Shareholders

VTJ will deliver excellent financial return to meet shareholders expectation.

To our Colleagues

To our Colleagues

VTJ will provide challenge yet rewarding working environment with emphasis on innovation and creativity.

To Community

To Community

VTJ cares about environmental protection, respects cultural value and support community development.

Our Vision

To become the favorite maker and supplier of comprehensive solution of ceilings and drywalls in Cambodia.

Our Core Value

Core values are the norms of attitude, behavior, confidence and value, which are expected of each member of VTJ in whatever position he or she holds. These core values are formed from those of the corporate founders and managers, and the whole staff, being the corporate IDENTITY and the basis to build VTJ culture.

  • CAN DO SPIRIT: Never say CANNOT but say give SOLUTIONS

  • TOTALLY CUSTOMER-ORIENTED Customers (are the people who pay our salary). Treat customers the way you prefer.

  • TEAMWORK & PROFESSIONALISM: Teamwork and professionalism are VTJ’s strength, let’s contribute to consolidating this strength every day.



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